Spine Spiritual Healing
Spine Spiritual Healing Alignment
Spine Spiritual Healing Alignment Spine Spiritual Healing Alignment

Consider your spine as an antenna connected to all the main organs of your body. The establishment of the divine order gives benefits to all levels of existence.

Spiritual healing, visible and demonstrable through the Alignment of the human body in a quantum leap into a new dimension for all humanity. The change is immediately visible and is experienced by each person through a liberating feeling of relief. Adapting to the Energy, the shifted pelvis straightens up, the length of the legs harmonizes shoulders and shoulder blades find the right position for the spine to straighten up. Depending on the degree of involvement, even the most evident, chronic scoliosis can gradually be reduced.


Alignment of the spine is a holistic treatment that is practiced in Germany since 1995 and since then, over 500.000 people have been successfully treated with this method. Immediately after, it has spread to Italy, Switzerland, Spain, England, Romania, Lithuania and other Countries. As quantum physics explains, the task of the spiritual healer is to give an impulse that activates the process of “spiritual healing” in the person, without worrying about time or results.

shoulder bladesBy “spiritual healing” we mean the beginning of an energetic process that manifests itself on all levels of the person and therefore on the physical plane too. This process provided by the spiritual healer, that operates in the whole individual is entirely obtained by the individual himself. Everyone can receive it. No age limits or contraindications. Anna Maria Pinto is an experienced spiritual healer and her work is renowned in Europe, especially in Italy and Spain.


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